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Barmolloch farm is one of the most tranquil places I have ever been, and Kilmichael Glen where it is located is beautiful. Helen and Stewart are such kind and welcoming hosts, and are always very accommodating. I have stayed in two of the cottages - both are clean and comfortable, had everything we needed and there is even a spring water hot tub. I have seen a big improvement in my health since I started going for breaks here. The treatments I receive from Helen and Stewart always leave me feeling relaxed and refreshed. I’d highly recommend a stay here to everyone.
— Beth

Helen, I am privileged to have met you.Your treatment and approach really got my attention and interest.You have certainly made me think a lot about myself, my future and my health
— J

Just to say thank you very much to you and Helen for showing me your home and the scope of your projects. I found it inspirational and I will share it with my likeminded friends. meanwhile I ill hope to visit again and maybe help with whatever needs doing ( tea and Helen’s amazing invented cake would be all the reward I’d ask for!)
— John

I came to Helen for treatment in a time of crisis. The first thing that I noticed was her voice, it was gentle and non judgmental. Her manner was reassuring and I immediately knew I was safe. Helen spent time talking to me and tailored the treatment to meet my needs. I also was clear about the plan and the steps we were going to take together. The treatment was effective in that it reduced the pain I was in and powerful because it continued to work on a deeper level. I have continued to take Helen’s advice and have found her continuing support via phone or email invaluable
— Fiona

Stewart treated my wife in his dental practice some years ago so when I knew that my son was going to need orthodontic treatment that’s who I made the appointment with. At the same time my son was experiencing some other health problems that were not easily resolving. Stewart has a ‘let’s get down to business’ manner and i was in awe of his expertise and confidence that the right treatment would help. We worked with Stewart and Helen and I am glad to say that a combination of their experiences with different treatments resolved the issues and! - he has come away with a winning smile
— Frankie

I am soooooo much better thanks to you both ( I am so uber grateful!!!!I was admittedly pretty terrified when I was so ill and just cannot believe the difference ), - I stuck to AIP 100% for over a year- cant believe its that long since I saw you! Have re-introduced eggs and some nuts. I feel better than I have in years but know there’s still a bit of work to do.

My time at Barmolloch Farm

Before my time there I didn’t have very much drive in general and had no clue on how to move forward, gain confidence, lack of responsibility and no sense of achievement. My self-worth, low self-esteem and inactivity was playing a big part in how I conducted my time each day. I wasn’t really mentally aware that I was able to find somewhere where I could be a part of something that could change all that!

So at the farm I was able to be challenged in a comfortable and friendly way, even the environment… the place is such a positive place to be as it is so inviting because of the scenery and atmosphere along with the most amazing supportive people.

With all of that there was also the work and tasks that were set to me like maintaining grows such as veg and fruit, cutting the grass (strimming included), attending to the animals and their needs, log splitting, firing up the biomass boiler, driving the quad, some occasional woodwork, handling tools and being shown how to use them. The list is what you’d expect from a farm but it doesn’t cover how much of a positive place and motivator it can be.

Helen and Stewart enabled me the chance to work on their farm, trusting me and nurturing me in the way that was right for us all. It had shown me more importantly that there is much more that I can learn and achieve if I have the right attitude, environment and people around me. There was no part of this experience that I didn’t appreciate and didn’t want to be part of because I was a part of that place and what they do there. I am forever thankful of Helen and Stewart and that I was able to be of help.

I highly recommend to anyone that they be part of that same vibe with whatever they attend at the farm, it’s so relaxing and stimulating - Biggest thank you and glad to have been there and met all the people I did
— Shaun (volunteer)

Most tranquil place I have ever been. Helen and Stewart are amazing people. Total digital detox! Clean, pure, toxin free atmosphere
— Wasequa Ayesha

Fabulous setting in one of my favourite places in Argyll.
— Lilia Letitgo Sinclair

Fantastic place, suitable for all and excellent location for travelling/sightseeing around the Argyll Peninsula.
— Alex Lamont

Had a fantastic weekend stay in Fiadh. The welcome from Helen was second to none and the cottage itself was superb. Perfect for a chill out stay or base to explore the wealth of historic monuments and sites in the area. Next time we visit Argyll, we’ll be back to stay here for sure.
— Kenny Smith

Home from Home! Can’t wait to get back up there!
— Martin Greensitt