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Help your cell - Scotland's first ever healing community


The latest research is showing that diet and exercise is only a tiny part of healing.
Faith, compassion, strong boundaries, determination, purpose, community and altruism also play a part. A big part.
If you are Scottish statistically will die before our English brothers and sisters.
And if you are poor in Scotland then you have 8 years less to enjoy your time here.
We have a plan to change this...
​Are you in?

Never let anyone tell you how long you have to live.
We are more powerful and capable than you can imagine, the crazy part is you just have to believe that.
Conceive it, perceive it, believe it, receive it.

We are running a 12 week Healing Community in the stunning Kilmichael Glen at Barmolloch Farm
www.barmolloch-cottages.co.uk/ from April 1 to June 30th 2019.

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