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.At Barmolloch, we offer you a sanctuary for healing. Immerse yourself in the natural environment, stay in our relaxing accommodation and receive treatment from our practitioners. Holistic is a Greek word meaning 'relating to the whole" therefore assessment and effective treatment requires consideration of the wider picture of lifestyle environment, health and well-being. Holistic whole body systems compromising a therapeutic approach, personalised assessment and treatment utilising techniques including;





HELEN WRIGHT MCSP specialises in Holistic Physiotherapy having been practising for nearly 35 years. Her experience encompasses a range of modalities including paediatric assessment and treatment, musculoskeletal and neurological assessment and treatment utilising cranial and visceral techniques as well as mechanical link and myofascial release. She has an understanding of somato emotional release and Life stage challenges and is currently studying Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy with a Functional Medicine perspective. Helen is able to see the “whole” person and thus support the individual to achieve wellness at their own pace. A healthy work life balance is key to achieving a feeling of wellbeing thus Helen chooses to divide her time between the Farm, holiday cottages and her own practice. Please contact her directly by e-mail or telephone to arrange an appointment.


I came to Helen for treatment in a time of crisis. The first thing that I noticed was her voice, it was gentle and non judgmental. Her manner was reassuring and I immediately knew I was safe. Helen spent time talking to me and tailored the treatment to meet my needs. I also was clear about the plan and the steps we were going to take together. The treatment was effective in that it reduced the pain I was in and powerful because it continued to work on a deeper level. I have continued to take Helen’s advice and have found her continuing support via phone or email invaluable
— Fiona


STEWART WRIGHT BDS offers dental care and treatment of the highest quality using conventional and holistic approaches.
Holistic is a Greek word meaning 'relating to the whole'. Stewart believes that the successful diagnosis and treatment of the teeth and their supporting structures requires a wider consideration of the health, well-being and environment of the patient. As a result, in addition to using the techniques used by conventional dentists to assess and treat patients, Stewart may use a number of additional techniques to aid diagnosis and treatment (for example, kinesiology and homeopathy). He is also careful not to use any dental materials which could have toxic side effects, such as mercury based amalgam (silver) fillings. Information about the potential dangers of amalgam fillings can be found here. For patients who think they may have symptoms and health problems related to the accumulation in their body of toxins such as heavy metals, toxic chemicals and antibiotic residues, Stewart can assess and treat them with Field Control Therapy. Stewart also specialises in the assessment and treatment of patients who suffer from pain in the jaw, neck, head and face. Such pain often originates in dental and/or jaw problems which can be successfully treated. You can read more on Stewart’s web site.


Stewart treated my wife in his dental practice some years ago so when I knew that my son was going to need orthodontic treatment that’s who I made the appointment with. At the same time my son was experiencing some other health problems that were not easily resolving. Stewart has a ‘let’s get down to business’ manner and i was in awe of his expertise and confidence that the right treatment would help. We worked with Stewart and Helen and I am glad to say that a combination of their experiences with different treatments resolved the issues and! - he has come away with a winning smile
— Frankie